duminică, 24 august 2014

China executes eight Muslims convicted of terrorism


No return to school for Gaza's children
Children in Gaza should have been returning to school on Sunday after the summer holidays. But with more than 200 schools damaged or destroyed and…
Poroshenko delivers an Independence Day warning to Ukraine
Beneath the new memorial to the 100 civilians who died during the Maidan protests in Kyiv, President Petro Poroshenko led the Independence day…
China executes eight Muslims convicted of terrorism
China has executed eight men it says were behind terrorist attacks in its far-western Xinjiang province. They include three men the Chinese are…
20th Sarajevo film festival honours debut "Song of my mother"
Sarajevo has been celebrating the 20th edition of its increasingly-renowned film festival, and had star snapper Annie Liebovitz as a guest of honour…
Istoria nu se repetă, încearcă doar să își aducă aminte
Vasila Botnaru în dialog cu istoricii Sergiu Musteață și Octavian Țîcu despre Pactul Ribbentrop-Molotov.
"Мы все заплатим за наш конформизм"
Павел Шеремет – о пропагандистах, обмене совести на ипотеку и болезнях российского телевидения


Galben-și-albastru pentru toteaduna
Incidentul de pe zgîrie-norul stalinist de la Moscova a pîrjolit Internetul rusesc, stîrnind imitații, suspiciuni, confuzii și glume.
Israel continues to hit Gaza from the air
Israel says its warplanes have hit another 20 targets inside Gaza this Saturday as militant's missiles continue to be fired into Israel from the…